About Us

About Us


Stickman Communications' Mission:

To create understanding and acceptance of disability as a different normal, through producing products which enable individuals to create the accesibility they need.

Stickman Communications products

All Stickman Communiations products feature the work of stickman cartoonist Hannah Ensor.

Hannah’s unique approach to communicating about disability and medical conditions has grown from personal experience and the situations she has encountered.

Let's face it, life with disability is full of humour, where conventionality is a myth, political correctness is an accident, difference is normal and life is eternally absurd: so Hannah Ensor's stickmen products are here to help tell the reality of a differently normal life without a trace of pity or patronisation.

Click here for Hannah’s brief biography, or take a look at her blog.

Customer Feedback


“Utterly inspiring and hilarious, she's changing perspectives on disability in a fabulous way." Tabi

“My copy of You Know You Have PoTS When... arrived a few days ago. I was completely blown away by the accuracy, thoroughness, and humour used. Your ability to represent the many aspects of PoTS in illustrations is truly amazing." Laura.

“A humorous yet informative take on disability that difuses awkward situations where communication can be difficult.” Jack.

“I wanted to let you know that I have been showing it to small groups of patients recently diagnosed PoTS in a group education clinic. The response to it has been wonderful; a humourous validation of their experiences. I also show it to health professionals when I do teaching sessions - its simplicity makes it very digestable.” Autonomic Nurse Specialist.

“A guy came to read our electric meter today and he didn't stop talking about the Stickman vinyl on the front door about uncooperative body! He's not the first either, it’s a real help." Zec

Stickman Communications is the trading name for Hannah Ensor, sole trader.

Address: 54 Portway, Didcot, OXON, OX11 0AZ

Email: admin@stickmancommunications.co.uk

Telephone: 07717454648

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