About Hannah

About Hannah

mugshotSince 2010, Hannah Ensor has been the creative talent behind Stickman Communications - a company which takes the world of disability away from hospitals and political correctness, and into real life; opening the lines of communication, understanding and acceptance; using humour, insight, and stickmen. Her quirky but accurate cartoons have made her an internet sensation, popular with people of all ages, both with and without disabilities, including both patients and medical staff.

Hannah's background is in science [a 1st Class BSc (Hons) Environmental Health and 6 years work in that field until being medically retired in 2010, age 28], but her talent for drawing stickmen was a chance discovery during a hospital stay which grew into a career that works perfectly around her hypermobility syndrome (possibly hEDS, possibly HSD) (being far too bendy and falling apart) and Postural Tachycardia Syndrome (a tap-dancing heart and appearing drunk without alcohol).

Although her work initially focused on EDS and POTS, in response to customer requests and suggestions, she has branched out into items useful to a wide range of conditions including autism, diabetes, chronic pain, anxiety, narcolepsy, tourettes and more.

Hannah sees her own disabilities as a different normal rather than 'the end of the world' and her zest for life spills out into all her work - whether drawing stickmen, giving lectures, blogging life's adventures, fundraising for and working with charities (She is Patron of the Hypermobility Syndromes Association), chatting on the train, or freewheeling at speed down any available ramp.

Hannah has also worked with Whizz-KidzPain UKPOTS UK and Mind, and was featured in the 2016 and 2017  'Power 100 list' of Britain's most influential people with a disability or impairment.

She was also featured by the English Federation for Disability Sport in their 'Me being Active' campaign.


For more of Hannah Ensor's work see the Stickman Communications' blog.