cuppa needed! card

cuppa needed! card

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A card reading "Cuppa needed! Could you please make me one? See overleaf for my preferred drink."

A fabulously lighthearted way to ask for a cuppa - whether because you don't feel able to speak, are having a bad day, are concentrating on something, or can't face explaining how you like your tea/coffee yet again. With the added bonus that if someone with brainfog is getting the drinks, they won't forget what you asked for!

This card has a white sticker on the back where you can write your own drinks requirements, and a clear sticker to cover it with afterwards to keep it clean.

Laminated, 110x80mm cards, with a hole punched in the top left hand corner to allow attachment to keyring.

Wipe clean, water resistant and durable.

Colours may vary slightly from colours shown on screen.

Cards are sold 'pick and mix' style - choose the cards you want, and they will be sent to you on a plain metal keyring. Stickers for applying to the edge of important cards to enable quick finding are provided free when 5 or more cards are ordered. Compatible with all other Keyring Cards on this site.

Other cards or items show in photos are not included.


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