3m Gap Bumper Sticker

3m Gap Bumper Sticker

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Communicating important, practical disability related information with style and humour.

Car sticker reading "please leave a 3m gap."

Ideal for people who use a ramp to get into and out of their vehicle.

A 240 x 65mm sticker designed by Hannah Ensor.

Some car stickers are available in 2 colours (pink or blue) and 2 fixings (static cling or sticky-back bumper stickers). The options for this sticker design are listed to the right of the product image

Static cling stickers: Ideal for placing on the inside of windows and other flat, smooth, solid, internal surfaces. Ensure surface is clean and dry before applying. Both back and front of the sticker are 'charged' so they can be placed, for example, on the inside of a window with the image visible from the outside. By relying on static rather than adhesive, these stickers leave no residue when removed and so are perfect for use in motability vehicles and rented accomodation. Static cling stickers are not suitable for use outside (i.e. they should be placed on the inside of a window facing out rather than on the outside of a window.)

Bumper stickers: Exterior grade vinyl, with non-permanent adhesive to the back. These should stick well to smooth surfaces (such as cars, signs, windows, lifts and the like), and should last 2-4 years. Always ensure the surface is clean and dry before sticking the sticker to it. They can be removed when needed.

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VAT is not applicable (Not VAT registered). delivery is additional. 

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