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Disability related stickman pin badges.


Cartoon pocket books for all ages which make disabilities easier to understand.

Differently Normal

Differently normal' - items promoting the concept that disability is not negative, but a different normal.

Signs and Stickers

Car stickers, adhesive stickers, window hangers and door signs.

Keyring Cards

Cards which convey information across quickly and effortlessly.

Lanyards and Keyrings

Differently normal' lanyards and keyrings.


Leaflets featuring Hannah Ensors stickmen and effective, matter-of-fact approach to communication.

Pens and paper

Stickman pens and sticky notes


Great posters, with constructive messages about disability


Scheduling magnet sets and magnetic disability signs.

Tshirts and Hoodies

Awesome On Strike T-shirts and "recharging" hoodies

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211 - 232 of 232 results